• 8 Top Challenges that Bitcoin Exchanges Face

    Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain technology are considered as the greatest challenges to the present financial system. In fact, it is not always everything good in the crypto world. There exist various Bitcoin exchanges and they can have a wide variety of terms and policies and accept different payment methods. These exchanges vary in terms of security, design as well as user-friendliness. When a trader considers choosing an exchange for trading, he/she will take into account all these factors.

    In fact, Bitcoin exchanges face many challenges. In this blog, you will find some of the biggest concerns and problems that Bitcoin exchanges experience, which is also preventing them from progressing further.

    Lack of Security – One of the greatest challenges that Bitcoin exchanges faces are insecurity. Bitcoin exchanges are always at risk of being hacked as these exchanges employ a third party to conduct transactions. One of the things you can do to ensure greater security is to eliminate these middlemen.

    Lack of Transparency – In fact, some Bitcoin institutions are intransparent, unaccountable, and show professionalism. This in turn can greatly reduce the benefits of cryptocurrencies and also negatively impact the strength and determination of various financial and non-financial industries to adopt blockchain.

    Lack of Credibility – Initial coin offerings are a great option to bring more investors to invest in Bitcoin. Not just bitcoins, but there are many affordable crypto to invest in, which have a high potential to earn high returns on your investments. However, some of them are believed to be a fraud. So to avoid this, exchanges should make sure to list only trusted crypto coins and also perform correct valuations.

    Imposing High Fees on Trading – Even though, some exchanges impose a one-time flat fee, many exchanges charge two fees for trading, which is the maker-taker fee. As the makers encourage market liquidity, this fee can greater than the taker fees.

    Illiquidity – Lack of liquidity can lead to an unbalanced situation, and will be very difficult to control. Reduced liquidity results in unplaced orders, and the stock price being manipulated by common holders. In addition to that, it can make a market to change more quickly and unexpectedly and can lead to more slippages inprice. Another issue associated with illiquidity is that it empowers the cryptocurrency exchanges that are having high liquidity.

    Unscrupulous Operations – Today, only light regulation has been imposed on almost all crypto exchanges. This may sometimes lead to suspicious or manipulative operations.  

    Delay in the Transaction – Delays can occur and save users from being hacked and malicious transactions. If a user fails to approve the transaction, crypto exchanges are likely to delay a transaction. 

    Non-friendly User Interface – It can be one of the most important challenges that traders face while trading cryptocurrency


    In conclusion, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are still in the younger stage. Many issues need to be addressed before Bitcoin is widely accepted as a type of currency. The problems faced by Bitcoin exchanges do end with these lists. There exist other issues as well which are being faced by Bitcoins. However, the good news is that all of these problems can be solved or excluded.